I have been training with Leigh for just over a year. He has quite a holistic approach towards fitness, doesn't set goals only in terms of weight loss but gives equal importance to strength building, flexibility, stability, BMI and fat %. My relationship with food has become much better since I started training with Leigh - eating/binge eating has stopped giving me comfort and that I think has been my biggest achievement - to think about food from mind and not from heart! Also to mention his workout repertoire is quite extensive- he manages to spring surprise even after a year of training. Thank you Leigh for making it possible for me! I have never seen my weight going in a downward trajectory in ages. You are amazing!!


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We came to Leigh in January 2019 after hearing how effective and motivating he is.

As a busy couple, finding time together is important and our morning workouts are a perfect time to leave work behind, have some great laughs (and a little light-hearted competition!) and get fit. 

We leave each session feeling invigorated, energised and ready for the week ahead. 

Leigh is fantastic at gauging your progress, giving you what you can handle while still pushing you to challenge yourself and make great improvements in your weight, strength and fitness level. 

He constantly mixes it up, throwing in new exercises alongside oldies but goodies to keep you on your toes and having fun. 

We have been delighted with the results we have achieved with Leigh ... between us we have dropped significant weight and are enjoying the compliments from colleagues, family and friends.

The sign of a good workout is when you actually look forward to getting out of bed and getting a sweat on ... and, with Leigh, we truly do!

Ellen & Michael


I've always led a relatively healthy lifestyle, but, after quitting smoking some years ago, I noticed my weight steadily increasing. Joining the gym was useful, but on its own it wasn't enough to keep me motivated. When I started to work with Leigh, I immediately began to take my fitness goals more seriously. Not only did it inspire me to enjoy exercising everyday, but it also encouraged me to take simple, positive steps in looking after my diet, whilst still enjoying a social life. Leigh's extensive experience and professionalism make his training always effective and fun. Most importantly, he couldn't be more encouraging! When choosing a fitness coach, it's important to be able to relate to them. Leigh's great communication skills and genuinely friendly character make him exceptional at adapting to each client's individual needs and frame of mind. Working in the theatre, my schedule can be quite unpredictable, so I do my sessions fortnightly and keep training independently in between. Other people would find it's better for them to schedule their sessions weekly or even more often. Whichever your plan, you can rest assured that Leigh will be able to work around your needs. The proof is clear: after a couple of months, I lost 11kg, I am much fitter than I was and most importantly, happier and more confident than ever. Obviously, it was down to me to keep up with my training and healthy eating, but I couldn't have done it without Leigh's mentoring and precious support and I look forward to continuing my training with him.